Kathy's Grooms to Go, Serving the Central Savannah River Area, Salon Quality Grooming at Your Doorstep
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Salon Quality Grooming at your doorstep includes:
• Your Pet’s Nails will be Trimmed & Filed.
• Your Pet will be bathed TWICE in warm water.
• Your Pet will receive an application of Conditioner & Sunscreen.
• Your Pet’s Anal Glands will be expressed.
• Your Pet’s Coat will be Hand Dried & Completely Brushed Out.
• Your Pet’s Ears will be thoroughly cleaned.
• Your Pet will receive a Breed Specific Cut or any style of cut upon request.

Kathy is available to groom both Cats & Dogs!

The Grooms to Go Van is a self contained unit that carries 65 gallons of water, heated with a Hot Water Heater. Your Pet will be groomed in a comfortable, climate controlled space. Your Pet will be pampered in a HydroSurge® bathing system. There are no cages or hot cage drying in the Grooms to Go Salon experience. All pets are hand dried. The van is completely sanitized between clients.

View photos of our mobile grooming unit and happy customers!

We come to you! Less stress for you and your pet.
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Kathy's Grooms to Go — Salon Quality Grooming at Your Doorstep!
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